As the world gets more complex people will look for more information and more escapes. Media & Entertainment will continue to be growing sectors.

Some of the media trends that would influence media decisions are

  1. Technology will continue to create new opportunities and consequently force existing players to rethink strategy.
  2. Companies will continue tighten purse strings leaving behind irrational exuberance and heightened diversification and new launches of the past. More meaningful analysis is expected.
  3. Digital platforms, gaming and animation industries would get higher focus.
  4. Social Media will become more prominent. All companies will try to create a community approach thru digital play.
  5. The difference between editorial and advertising will continue to blur as cross media ownerships pressure on revenues increase.
  6. Companies will try to IPR wherever possible. TV production companies in particular will move from commission business to the IP business in the future
  7. More people will access the internet through the mobile phone.
  8. M-commerce will be the focus as better, convenient and reliable payment mechanisms will be put in place.
  9. Consolidation is expected across media sectors esp. television and television distribution.
  10. Digital and DTH will continue to grow with or without private equity investment creating opportunities for segmented content.
  11. Readership is showing signs of decline for the first time in language papers as well as English papers and will require more data points and scrutiny.
  12. Corporatisation of motion pictures will continue and competition will only increase.

Functionally, we have deep real-world experience across

  • Strategy, including startups
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Product management including Partnerships and Alliances / Co-brands
  • Sales and distribution
  • Operations & Technology
  • Operational productivity and expense optimization
  • Mergers and integration
  • Partner Selection and evaluation for each project.
  • Project planning & execution.
  • Governance & risk management
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