IncValue selectively identifies and works closely with accomplished business leaders and professionals in:

  • Assessing new business opportunities
  • Building the strategy
  • Identifying the appropriate team or gaps in the team
  • Capital raising
  • Executing the business plan
We act as partners to such promoters and start-ups to scale their operations, minimize costs, reduce their time to market, scale up their operations and achieve profitability faster, thereby assisting businesses focus on their core proposition and realize their value faster.

Our services in this line of business would include:

  1. Evaluating the business opportunity (and the underlying financial model) and strategy and fine-tuning it for investor pitches
  2. Supporting the execution across different functional areas till the appropriate long term managerial resource is identified (and assisting in identifying and evaluating such a resource)
  3. Developing the performance metrics and establishing appropriate corporate governance structures
  4. Assisting in capital raising and investor relations including exits
  5. Managing contingencies
The partners at IncValue have experiences with start-ups across industries such as IT, BPO, Financial Services, Consumer Finance, Realty and Media/Entertainment. We bring a cumulative experience of almost 100 years which promoters can draw upon.
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