While historically building a brand and creating brand value has been important in attracting and retaining customers, the impact of brand and intangible value in market capitalization has grown from a meager 5% thirty years back to as high as 75% as per recent estimates.

Some of the trends in branding

  1. Commoditization of brands and branding of commodities will both happen simultaneously.
  2. As brands proliferate, the meaning of a brand and its significance will be created by customer perceptions entirely.
  3. Creating a strong brand and maintaining the differential will become tough and expensive.
  4. With recessionary pressures and sharp economic cycles companies will be under pressure to spend resources on brand building and will be forced to innovate.
  5. Brands will find more presence in social networking sites but would have to give more control to the customer in shaping its image.
  6. Companies will start trademarking or patenting features that go far beyond the logo and typography of a brand.
  7. Technology will continue to create new opportunities and consequently force existing players to rethink strategy. Digital platforms for brand building would get higher focus.
  8. Ethical Business, Corporate Responsibility, Environment friendliness are all global trends that will start impacting buying decision esp. in the premium segments.
  9. Companies will start looking for collaborative models and ideal partners to start building brands.
  10. Store brands and private labels will continue to flourish.
  11. As more brands become service brands the need for total branding, internal branding and complete brand experience at every touch point will become significant

Functionally, we have deep real-world experience across more than fifty brands in different categories and geographies

  • Creating and Managing brand value
  • Understanding Consumer, Market Research and Insights including analytics
  • Market Scoping, Estimation, Segmenting and Targeting.
  • Advertising Planning and Creative Rendition
  • Media Strategy, Planning, Analysis
  • Product management including Partnerships and Alliances / Co-brands
  • Digital Strategies and execution
  • Design
  • Total Brand Experience

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